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Weekly Schedule

5 PM to 6 PM - Kids Martial Arts (ages 5 to 13)
6 PM to 7:30 PM - Empty-handed Blend (Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Mixed Grappling, Savate, Silat, Wing Chun)
7:30 PM to 9 PM - Filipino Martial Arts (Inosanto/LaCoste, Dog Brothers, Balintawak)

6 to 7 PM - Kids Martial Arts (ages 5 to 13)
7 PM to 8:15 - Filipino Martial Arts (Inosanto/LaCoste, Dog Brothers, Balintawak)
8:15 PM to 9:30 - Empty Handed Blend (Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Mixed Grappling, Savate, Silat, Wing Chun)

Private Lessons are available on a limited basis, and must be scheduled in advance.


Guro Dan Inosanto

Guro InosantoGuro Inosanto is widely considered one of the best martial arts instructors in the world. Guro Inosanto was charged with carrying on the arts and philosophy of Bruce Lee. Guro Inosanto is the father of the Filipino Martial Arts on the West Coast.  Guro Inosanto is responsible for the popularity of many martial art systems, and many famous instructors.


 Filipino Martial Arts: Guro Inosanto developed a system consisting of twelve areas with his instructor, Master John Lacoste. While the Filipino arts are mainly known for weapons, there is a rich empty-handed component as well. The Filipino Arts are so rich that one could easily study nothing else and never see everything in the system!

Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee’s potent mix of straightforward techniques that will make the practitioner functional in all ranges of combat.

Maphilindo Silat: Guro Inosanto created this blend of techniques and concepts to honor his many instructors in the south-east Asian martial arts.

Sifu Francis Fong

Sifu Fong Chi SaoSifu Francis Fong teaches out of his academy, located in Norcross, Georgia, about thirty-five minutes north of Atlanta. Sifu Fong also is accessible through seminars all over the world. Sifu Fong uses his art of Wing Chun, and his incredible understanding of energy to do amazing things. If you have the chance to train with Sifu Fong, you should take it.


Wing Chun Kung Fu: A Chinese system of interception, and energy interpretation. Wing Chun is mostly known for “trapping”, or the immobilization of an opponents arms which lasts just long enough to strike. Wing Chun has three empty hand forms, two weapons forms, and the wooden dummy, or mook jong form.

Ajarn ”Chai” Sirisute

Ajarn ”Chai” Siristue is America’s first Thai Boxing instructor. Ajarn brought Thai Boxing to the US in 1968, and has been busy spreading the art throughout the country and the world ever since.

Ajarn founded the Thai Boxing Association, which is America’s oldest Muay Thai organization.


Muay Thai/Thai Boxing: Thai Boxing has exploded in popularity due to its effectiveness in stand-up combat. Using kicks, boxing, elbows, and knees, the practitioner not only develops powerful self-defense techniques, but also increased cardiovascular endurance.

NOTE: In addition to the Thai Boxing requirements on every Phase test, students may earn their Level One and Level Two certifications under Khun Kru Bryan Stoops. Level III (instructor) testing must be done at an event at which Ajarn Chai is present, but Khun Kru Bryan will help you prepare for your exam. Students must join the Thai Boxing Association before testing for rank in Muay Thai.

Professor Roy Harris

 Based in San Diego, Professor Roy Harris is one of America’s first Brazilian Jui-Jitsu black belts. Currently, Professor Harris is a fourth degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, amongst a number of other prestigious arts and martial arts organizations.


Mixed Grappling: Professor Harris has put together a grappling system representing concepts from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Russian Sambo, Greco-Roman Wrestling, and Japanese Shooto.

Guro Marc “Craft Dog” Denny

 Guro Marc “Craft Dog” Denny (seen here addressing the fighters before a Gathering of the Pack) is co-founder of Dog Brothers Martial Arts.


Dog Brothers Martial Arts: An offshoot of the Inosanto lineage (as most things are), the Dog Brothers gather together twice a year to test the Filipino Martial Arts in the most realistic manner possible. Fighting with rattan sticks, and a minimum of protective equipment, the Dog Brothers have taken on a reputation of being fairly extreme. Guro Denny has spent the last few decades expanding the Dog Brothers curriculum.

Note: Participation in Bryan’s Friday Dog Brothers class does not require participants to fight. If you would someday like to fight at a Gathering of the Pack, Guro Bryan Stoops can prepare you for that. Guro Bryan is both a full Dog Brother (nickname Guide Dog) and a lakan Guro (apprentice teacher) in the Dog Brother curriculum. If you only wish to learn the curriculum as a practitioner, as most will, that’s fine. Do not skip Dog Brothers class because you beliveve you will be required to fight.

Professor Nic Saignac

 Professor Nic Saignac is a former world champion of Savate. Professor Nic is the rare combination of a fighter who is also and excellent teacher. He is widely considered one of America’s leaders in Savate instruction.


Savate: Savate is French kickboxing. Savate practitioners focus on graceful, snapping kicks that use the toe of the shoe for maximum impact. Savate is an effective form of self-defense and fitness.

Sifu/Guro Bud Thompson

Bryan and Sifu Bud

 Sifu/Guro Bud Thompson is a full instructor under Guro Inosanto. Sifu Bud founded the Kali Academy of Martial Arts in Whittier, California.

Sifu Bud was Guro Bryan's first Jeet Kune Do/Kali instructor, and Guro Bryan enjoyed developing his skills with Sifu Bud and his talented group of instructors.


Kali/Jun Fan: Sifu Bud teaches a blend of arts much in the same way Guro Bryan does. Many of Guro Bryan's choices for what to include his curriculum were based on the testing requirements at the Kali Academy.

Master Virgil Cavada


Balintawak: Master Virgil (or "Master V" as he is called by his students) is the founder of his own organization, Applied Eskrima. He teaches the effective system of Balintawak, which is a close-range system. Many have called Balintawak "Wing Chun with sticks" because of the hand/stick trapping and immobilization so common in the system. Balintawak offers students an education for the "live hand" or non-stick hand that is unparalleled.

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